Sunday, February 10, 2008

Acres of Laminated Stem Print!

Whoever would have thought that phrase might sound so heavenly - But doesn't it? We've got one of our most fabulous selections of Orla laminated bags poised and ready. Yesssss, should have all our preciouses up for viewing by the end of the week, at latest. I've got big news and lots of questions for Oliebollen's Orla fans so brace yourselves.

These most recent harvest of Laminated Heaven includes Crosshatch in a multitude of colors & styles, Loads of stemprint and a glorious new print - Flower Box - in a selection of colors. So new are these beauties I haven't got a photo here to sneak you a peak.

Don't despair though - the goods are in-the-house and the wheels are turning so we'll have these up on the site quick-as-a-bunny!

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