Saturday, February 23, 2008


New York was great (flights, traffic & weather were smoooooooth) ... Orla was heavenly!
Prior to the trip, we of course had linesheets for Fall '08 to peruse - but wow, to see the pieces in person is revelatory. Some that look ok on the sheets were gorgeous in person - whites were brighter and the contrast made the look. Other pieces that seemed sort of interesting on the linesheets were 'mmmmm, not-so-much' in person.

Stem multi print in a slightly different colorway is going to be great for fall!

While in NY we swung through Toy Fair at Javitz and a black/white circle flower print bag caught my eye - it was a freebie bag from a vendor - an amazingly blatant rip-off - Youch - you would have to set it next to the true ringprint to note the differences. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Share your thoughts?

Ladies, let's have a sit down - I'd like to chat about . . . . Orla

Lucky me heads to the Big City next week to get an eye-(and camera)-ful of Orla's Fall 2008 line - very exciting to see all the lovely, precious things in person. (It may slow down your texting - but let's all keep our fingers crossed the samples will still be there when we get to town!).

I know you love the laminated bags, but what else would you like to be able to purchase from us? Would you like mugs or pillows? Are there any pieces from her lines (aside from the bags) that you've purchased elseware and been happy enough with that you'd like to buy the same item again in the next season? What luck have you had with fit & sizing?

Oh yes, and sizes - are we carrying the sizes you'd like to see?

I was thinking maybe her silk scarves and sunhats - do you like them? Would you buy them? Full-price or just after they went on sale?

As you can see I am full of questions - and I do want to hear from you! So please do take a minute and let us know what thoughts you have on this most glamorous of topics!

To Post a reply - click the title - Share your thoughts - and a comment link will open at the end of the post.

Orla-ly yours,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Acres of Laminated Stem Print!

Whoever would have thought that phrase might sound so heavenly - But doesn't it? We've got one of our most fabulous selections of Orla laminated bags poised and ready. Yesssss, should have all our preciouses up for viewing by the end of the week, at latest. I've got big news and lots of questions for Oliebollen's Orla fans so brace yourselves.

These most recent harvest of Laminated Heaven includes Crosshatch in a multitude of colors & styles, Loads of stemprint and a glorious new print - Flower Box - in a selection of colors. So new are these beauties I haven't got a photo here to sneak you a peak.

Don't despair though - the goods are in-the-house and the wheels are turning so we'll have these up on the site quick-as-a-bunny!